Our classes are held by Allmake staff and guest teachers who are highly experienced with all models of sewing machines and are keen to teach and help you no matter what level of experience you have, or what age you are!

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Get to know your sewing machine.

Become familiar with your sewing machine by learning about each part of your machine, how it works and how to maintain it. This is a one off class customised for your machine, booking is essential. In a one on one setting, we work through the functions and features at a pace that you feel comfortable with, so that you feel competent using all aspects of your machine. We take the time to show you how to use your needle threader, wind a bobbin correctly, thread the machine, how to use all the knobs, dials and buttons, and go through all your accessories that come with the machine. We also go through the maintenance and basic handling of the machine.

Tutors: Corrie McNeil, Margrit Leuenberger or Wendy Murray

Cost: $85 (1 hr)

Please note, this is a free class for all owners of new machines bought at Allmake, embroidery machines owners receive a second lesson for learning how to use the embroidery unit.

Make and mend

"There should be an extra day of the week called 'Sewday'" Unknown

Beck is passionate, friendly and an engaged educator. She began sewing as a young child and continued her passion for sewing, creating, designing, and mending into her career as a Home Economics teacher. Beck has experience in all facets of dress making and sewing and can help you navigate the steps required to help you start, problem solve or successfully complete an unfinished project with confidence.

With those in mind who don't know how to start a chosen pattern, or are stuck to know how to go on, Beck will help you jump through the hoops to successfully finish your project. With a small group of like minded makers and menders, you will get plenty of one on one time with Beck in this class. Booking and pre-payment is essential.

Tutor: Beck Stevens

Cost: $30 (2 hrs, max 5 students per class)

Beck's children's class is all about helping your child gain confidence in cutting, pinning, sewing and problem solving. With their own chosen fabric and notions, and with some gentle instruction and guidance, your child complete set project amoungst peers in a very friendly and encouraging environment. Once you have booked and pre-paid for the class, Beck will supply the requirements list for the sewing project.

Tutor: Beck Stevens

Cost: $30 (2 hrs, max 5 students per class)

Sew it begins…

Get to know your overlocker (part 1).

Become acquainted with the basic functions of your overlocker in this hands on class. Margrit knows overlockers inside out, no matter which brand or model. You will learn how to thread, maintain and set the tension for different fabrics and set the machine up for rolled hem, 3-thread and 4-thread overlocking. You will leave this class feeling more competent and empowered! This class is a lot of fun – come and learn about something which USUALLY only brings frustration. This is a one off practical, hands on class, booking and pre-payment is essential.

Tutor: Margrit Leuenberger

Cost: $75 (2-2.5 hrs, max 5 students per class)

Please note, this is a free class for all owners of new machines bought at Allmake.

Get to know your overlocker (part 2).

If you have done the ‘Get to know your overlocker’ Class, and are hungry for more, this class is for you! Learn about gathering, turning corners, tips and tricks, using the differential to get some special effects and much more! If you have bought any feet for your overlocker and are unsure as to how to use them- bring them along to this personaly customised one on one lesson. Booking is essential.

Tutor: Margrit Leuenberger

Cost: $75 (1 hour - one on one)

Machine Embroidery and Digitizing.

Carol Undy takes you through how to digitize with Bernina software on her online blog and courses. She has an amazing amount of knowledge, has the support of Bernina Australia and offers basics right through to advanced courses. Click here for more info on Carol Undy, and ensure you enter the coupon code : allmake10 for 10% discount!